What to Do When You Invite Others to Your Child's Game

One of the greatest joys of being a soccer mom is sharing in your child's victory. If it's your child's big day, you'll probably want to invite a whole host of people to come and help cheer. Your spouse, your other kids, your family members and your friends may all be there.

How do you make sure everyone has a good time and that your child loves the added support? Here are a few tips.

==> Bring Binoculars for Everyone

Watching a soccer game from a distance can be a little disconnecting. It can be hard to keep up with the action.

A pair of mediocre binoculars can easily be obtained on eBay for $2 to $5 dollars. If you're going with a group of ten people, getting binoculars for everyone will cost you as little as $20.

It'll make the game viewing experience much more exciting for everyone.

==> Don't Set Expectations Too High

Don't tell everyone that your son or daughter is the best player to step on the field since the field was built. As a parent, it's only natural for you to think your child is incredible. That's especially true because you were there in the beginning and saw how far they've progressed.

Outsiders, on the other hand, only have the World Cup Series and other TV sports to compare the soccer game to. If you build up the expectation too much, people will often feel disappointed at the game.

That disappointment can show through when they talk to your child afterwards. Avoid that at all costs. Don't set expectations too high.

==> You Are the Cheerleader

You should set the example for your whole group by being as loud and supportive as possible.

Cheer for not just your child but for everyone on his team. Cheer on every goal. Cheer on every great play. Help build up the whole team's spirit.

Encourage everyone who came with you to cheer every time your child has the ball. Often times you have to exert the enthusiasm before others will follow suit.

==> Bring Snacks for Everyone

A soccer game is long and snacks are almost never included. You need to bring enough snacks for yourself, for your child and for everyone who came with you.

If you forget to bring the snacks, chances are your child or your group will be the only ones left out with no food.

==> Point Out Your Child

If you're with friends who've never met your child or distant family members, make it a habit to constantly point out your child on the field.

When all the kids are far away, it can be hard for them to pick out your child from the crowd. Showing them who to cheer for will make it a lot easier for them to show their support.

What to Do When You Invite Others to Your Child's Game



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