RSS – what's it all about?

Before creating a blog as such, it is most advisable to learn what type of helping tools you may need to design and update the pages when necessary. One fine example is the famous RSS, a group of web feed formats that are mainly used to keep the blog content new and fresh as often as possible. Why is RSS the first choice of a large number of users? Simple, an RSS document includes the very text you have on the blog or a summary of the content in some other cases; thus, one can keep a close watch over the blog without checking the pages in detail.

To give you a further glimpse into the utility of the tool, we should mention that the abbreviation RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. Therefore, besides the advantage of delivering fresh web content, RSS allows many Internet users who need to stay informed; thus you can easily retrieve whatever item of information you are interested in from a specific site. From this perspective, RSS comes as a great alternative to subscribing for email newsletters since it doesn't require your giving away the email address. Presently, RSS has become the choice of many sites that need to keep a permanent contact with their visitors.

If you decide to use an RSS, you won't need anything else except a special feed reader, and even here there is a wide variety to choose from: Newsgator and FeedReader made by Windows or Amphetadesk that works for a variety of platforms including Mac and Linux. Moreover, there is also a large number of RSS feed readers that are totally web-based, they include Bloglines, Google Reader and My Yahoo. Once you install the reader on the computer, all you have to do is actually find the sites that summarize content and add the RSS feed on the page to your feed reader.

Presently, you can find many RSS blogs and sites that provide information on the best means to use this tool; nevertheless, we should mention that the information is constantly updated since there is more to say on RSS as it spreads out more every day. Thanks to the content synthesis, work on the web has become a lot easier, particularly since sites that have available RSS feeds use special signs to let you know about the facility. In a nutshell, on the long run, you'll see how much time you save by the use of a software such as RSS.

RSS – what's it all about?



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