Outdoor Fashions from Beach to Backyard - Summer Trends for 2017

After a long winter, we all look forward to breaking out our summer outfits (or buying new ones) and heading outdoors. Outdoor fashions include different environments, from the beach to the backyard. Here are some of the fashion trends for outdoor fashions this summer.

1. Outdoor Concerts
With summer come outdoor concerts. These fun events are a great way to make an impression and enjoy the outdoors while taking in the show. Let go of the tanks and tees and put together something trendy this year. Here are some tips and suggestions for putting together a chic outfit for these events.

-Comfort is still important, especially if it's a concert that will involve a lot of standing. So comfortable shoes are a must. While flip-flops are comfortable and trendy this year, they don't offer much toe protection from a rowdy crowd. Go for simple flats or low boots.

-While you're thinking of comfort, remember that even summer nights can get chilly. They can also get insect-intensive. Bring along a light jacket of denim or leather to outdoor concerts in 2017. This will help keep you comfortable as well as fashionable.

-Neon-colored shirts are not only trendy; they help you stand out in a crowd, which can be fashionable as well as helpful if you're with a group! A cool, cotton tee in neon lime, pink, or orange will look great.

2. Fairs and Festivals
Like outdoor concerts, you'll want to consider comfort at fairs and festivals, too. You're usually on your feet most of the time at these events. Looking good in a crowd when it's hot and sweaty can be a bit of a challenge, but you're up for it! Here are some ideas.

-Wear a wide-brimmed sun hat to your favorite fairs and festivals. It provides sun protection, of course, but floppy-brimmed sun hats are also trendy in 2017. And for those who have a hard time keeping their hair looking good in sweat and heat, the hat solves (and covers) the problem.

-Cut it off! Cut-off shirts and shorts are said to be making a comeback in 2017. You can update your wardrobe by cutting off your existing tees, jeans, and shorts if you like.

-Long skirts and dresses are back in, and for those who aren't fond of showing too much leg, that's great news. Wear sandals and a long skirt to a fair or festival, and make a fashion statement while keeping cool and covering the legs.

3. Backyard Barbecue
The great American backyard barbecue and cook-out is a great way to celebrate summer. Show up as a fashionable guest or present yourself as a chic hostess with the newest 2017 trends.

-Floral-print dresses are in, and are perfect for the backyard. Knee-length or longer is the trend this year, especially with some bright bangle bracelets.

4. On the Beach
It's not just the basic swimsuit out there!

-Halter-top swimsuits with a sarong that matches are the perfect 2017 beach look.

-Flip-flops are a beach standard, but this year they're truly trendy, especially in colors that match your beachwear.

Outdoor Fashions from Beach to Backyard - Summer Trends for 2017



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