Insight into Computer Eye Strain

Computer eye strain is becoming a big problem in society today. It is a condition that causes fatigue to the eyes, leaving those affected feeling tired. It is caused by straining too much when working on your computer or any other light screen.

When people work for long periods of time on their computers, the eyes are prone to becoming itchy and red. Additionally, some people will experience tension headaches as well as pain around the eyes. All these are common signs that computer eye strain is present. Since prevention is better than cure, there are many ways in which you can protect yourself from this as highlighted below.

Great Tips to Avoid Computer Eye Strain

The first thing to consider is the environment in which you are working and the position of your computer. A computer should always be below eye level when working. This is to make sure that the eyes are not wide open for a long time. Additionally, the computer settings should not allow intense brightness.

Room lighting is another factor that plays a big role in computer eye strain. You do not want to have too much; neither do you want to have too little. Too much light can cause fatigue to eyes while too little will cause strain. Therefore, consider your computer and room settings and make them ideal.

To keep computer eye strain at bay, it is also wise to avoid reading very small fonts. Enlarge your text and make sure you can read it comfortably.

Another tip is to take regular breaks while working on the computer. Every 20 minutes, remove your concentration from the computer and look away to a distant object. This will help reduce strain. Additionally, blink as often as you can. Many people rarely blink when they are reading computer text; this causes dryness and strain. Blink often to moisturize your eyes as much as possible.

It is also helpful to go for eye exams regularly; at least once a year. This way, you will be advised on the best way forward if there is anything wrong.

How to Relieve Computer Eye Strain

The sure way to treat eye strain is to stop working on the computer for some hours. Take a break and sit in a dark room with eyes closed. Resting will rejuvenate and revitalize your system. Some people will use artificial tears to control dryness of the eyes, relieving strain. After the condition has been relieved, it is wise to employ all the above simple methods to prevent eye strain from computers.

Using anti-glare in your computer can play a critical role in keeping away bad light that may harm your eyes. Sunglasses can also come in handy to do the same. All in all, keep in mind that taking precautions is the best way to escape suffering from strain that may be caused by computers.

Insight into Computer Eye Strain



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