How to Expand Your Audience With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great tool for your online business or your traditional business. It provides a very detailed way for you to target your audience and expand that audience. You can target people based on what they do, what they like, who they are, where they live, and almost any other way you can think of. It provides you with astounding market control.

Facebook ads are extremely targeted. Those people who have ‘likes’ that are closely related to what it is you see can easily be found and targeted with the Facebook ad system. Setting up a Facebook ad campaign is easy using their simple yet very powerful tool.

There are many ways to use Facebook ads to your benefit, including offers, promotions, events, app installs, app usage, website conversion, website clicks, sponsored story and increase likes. Expanding your audience to your website can easily be achieved.

Website Clicks is likely the main type of Facebook ad you will use. You want to get people to click your ad, which in turn will either land them on your website page or your Facebook page. Create a strong landing page for your traffic to land on is a great place to start. You’ll also want to make sure your ad is very attractive and creates a strong desire to click on it. 

You ad convinces your targeted audience to click it and find out what it is you have to offer. Your landing page convinces your targeted traffic to give you their email address in return for something, such as a newsletter, access to a special deal, etc. Facebook ads let you speed up this process significantly.

You can ad tracking code to both your Facebook ad and your landing page to see how your ad campaign is doing. You can also do this if your goal is to bring your targeted audience to your Facebook page and increase your likes.

The cost of your Facebook ads is in your control, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. You can set a CPC (Cost Per Click) in combination with a daily limit for your ad campaign so you are never spending more than you can afford to spend. For example, you might set your CPC at 50 cents and your daily budget at $10.

Be careful at your CPC maximum, it can go very high for some keywords. If you bid the necessary high you can spend a lot of money, if you bid too low your ads will never show, so it may be better to try another keyword.

It’s time to get busy and put Facebook ads to work to help to grow your audience and ultimately your sales.

How to Expand Your Audience With Facebook Ads



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