How to Be an Emotionally Supportive Soccer Mom

How do you boost your child's confidence and make sure that he (or she) knows he's loved whether he wins or loses? Being an emotionally supportive soccer mom actually makes a big difference on a child's game. More importantly, it makes a big difference on his self-esteem to know that his mom is standing behind him.

Here are a few important ways to show your support.

==> Attend Every Single Game

Kids love it when their moms are in the stands. Show up to every single game, even if you have to rearrange other things in your schedule.

Sometimes, the fact that you showed up will be more important than whether they won or lost the game.

==> Bring Others to the Game

Bring other members of your family and friends to the game. Bring your spouse, your other children, your brothers and sisters and your close friends. Bring anyone who loves your child.

All of you should cheer loudly whenever your child has the ball or is in a play. This helps show support, as well as builds excitement.

==> Brush Up on Soccer Knowledge

Don't just watch the game as a spectator. Learn a bit about the sport. Learn the rules and learn the terminology.

This will allow you to appreciate and watch the nuances of the game as it's happening. It'll allow you to talk knowledgeably with your child about the game afterwards.

Spend an hour on Google learning the rules. It's not hard and it makes a big difference.

==> Help Them Practice at Home

Look up a few soccer practice drills that you can help your child with at home.

Kids who get really good with soccer are the kids who spend a lot of time practicing. Helping your child train not only helps them get better at the game, it's also a great way to spend some quality time with your kids.

==> Learn the Other Parents' Names

Learning the names of the other parents will help you build a relationship with them, which makes it easier for your child to make friends as well.

Never try to make friends for your child. But if you make friends with other parents, your children will also naturally spend more time together.

==> Throw a Party Every Season

Every season, throw a party for the team. It could be at your house, at the school gym or on the soccer field. You could organize it on your own or get a few other parents involved.

Throwing a party is a great way to let kids know they're cared about. They also have a lot of fun and can build lasting friendships.

These are just some of the many ways you can show your support as a parent. Most importantly, love your child and make sure he or she knows they're loved, whether they play well or not.

How to Be an Emotionally Supportive Soccer Mom



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