How to Avoid the 3 Newbie Mistakes that CPA Networks Hate

If you are looking at getting into CPA marketing the first stumbling block that you may face is actually getting accepted to the CPA networks.  There are many people who apply only to be rejected and then state that all the CPA networks hate newbies.  The truth is that CPA networks have certain mistakes that new marketers make that they hate and this is why you ate being rejected.  It is important that you know what the 3 most common mistakes are and how you can avoid making them.

Using a Free Email Address

When you apply to be a member of a CPA website you have to fill out an application form which will vary in complexity depending on the network.  One thing that all networks are going to ask you is to provide an email address that you can be contacted on and that you will use to sign up with.  When you provide this email address you should avoid using a free email address.

Free email addresses are the ones that you will get from services like Gmail and Yahoo.  While these addresses are easy to set up they are not going to offer the CPA network the best view of what your intentions are.  When you apply to networks they are looking to see how serious you are about CPA marketing and making money from this.

It is best that you have an email address that comes from a paid for service or that is linked to your website.  Not all new CPA marketers will have a website set up, but you should have an email address based on the site that you are going to use.  When the CPA network looks at your application and they see a professional looking email address they are more likely to take you seriously and accept you.

Not Being Honest With the Network

Another mistake that a lot of new CPA marketers make is that they are not honest with the CPA network they are on.  The dishonesty could come from not wanting the network to know that they are new to CPA marketing or it could be for fraudulent reasons.  There are a number of reasons why networks do not like dishonesty and why this is actually very bad for you as the marketer.

When you are dishonest with the network you have to consider how they will view this.  The network has no way of knowing why you lied to them and this will immediately lead them to assume you are being fraudulent even if you are not.  The support that you are able to get from the network will also be affected by any dishonesty on your part.

All CPA networks have affiliate managers who are there to help you make the most of the network.  If you lie about the level of experience that you have or something else then the manager will not be able to help you properly.  To avoid this you need to be honest when you sign up to the network and in all further communication that you have with the manager or the network as a whole.

Not Having a Website or Blog

Most newbies to CPA marketing assume that you should be accepted by the networks before you start a website or blog.  While this is logical it is not actually the best route to take and many CPA networks hate this.  People applying for the network that do not have a website or blog for their promotions do not appear to be very interested in making this work.

You should look at having a website or a blog open when you sign up for a CPA network.  The site does not have to have a lot of information on it, but it should be fully functioning.  By having this site you show that you are prepared for marketing and that you are ready to start.  This is something that CPA networks like because it shows that you are as committed to CPA marketing as they are.

There are many mistakes that new CPA marketers make that the CPA networks really hate.  It is important that you find out about as many of these problems as possible so that you can learn how to avoid them in the future.

How to Avoid the 3 Newbie Mistakes that CPA Networks Hate



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