Fat Loss Factor Review

A Closer Look At Fat Loss Factor 
As more diet fads are introduced, statistics on obesity continue to rise. Does the two have a correlation to each other? Probably. Failed diets usually result in weight regain for dieters. Is there still hope? Probably. New diet programs learn from past mistakes; all it takes for one to lose weight is to have the right mindset and the right guide. One of the new diet programs today is the Fat Loss Factor, which could be the last program you will participate. Take a closer look at the program below.

What is Fat Loss Factor?

Fat Loss Factor is a somewhat unusual weight loss strategy to help you get a flatter belly within seven days without giving up the foods you love. The program was authored by Dr. Charles Livingston, D.C., who is also a licensed chiropractor, a wellness professional, and an advanced nutritionist. He is also a speaker who has helped thousands of obese individuals worldwide.

Dr. Livingston created the Fat Loss Factor with a working mom named Lori, who was his “guinea pig” in making the weight loss program.

How does Fat Loss Factor Work?
Fat Loss Factor is a 12-week weight loss program that will teach you how to go on a healthy diet the best way possible, as well as grow your muscles, while burning fat in the process. The program is divided into four steps:
  1. Cleansing your liver and body of toxins and fats;
  2. Knowing the fat-burning foods you can eat;
  3. Exercising for 15 minutes three times a week (and still lose weight!); and,
  4. Finding out why all other diets have failed you (and why Fat Loss Factor has not led you down the same road).
In the first few days of the program, you should see big changes in your body weight; as the weeks go by, it is said that your waist, thighs, and arms will proportionally get thin.

Pros and Cons
While Fat Loss Factor seems like a typical weight loss program at first glance, you will actually be amazed at the tools you will get upon joining. Complete and comprehensive, you won’t have to make any guesswork in your diet anymore, and any questions you have can be sent directly to Dr. Livingston and he’ll be there to respond to you.
If you have issues about the cost, you can try it free for a limited time. Fat Loss Factor has a moneyback guarantee that you can refund your money if you’re not satisfied about the program.
However, because of the intense first step of the program, you will most likely be tempted to get a refund. Body cleansing is serious business, so only those who really want to change their lifestyles and their figures would be brave enough to undergo this step. So if you think you will have a hard time giving up your favorites, don’t worry; one of the tools included in the package is a mind preparation program that will help you stay motivated through all steps.

Final Verdict
Dr. Livingston’s intentions are clear: he wants to help you lose weight, and this program might just work. If you’re interested in losing eight pounds, two inches off your waist, two inches off your thighs, and three-fourths of an inch off your arms, as well as dropping three dress sizes in as short as nine days, then visit the Fat Loss Factor website today.
If you visit the website and enroll in the program, not only will you get the Fat Loss Factor book, but you’ll also be able to get the following:
  • access to a customized software program
  • pre-created grocery list
  • beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises
  • five sample 15-minute workout routines
  • FLF measurements form
  • goal setting guide
  • food diary and exercise log
  • one-year personal email coaching from Dr. Livingston
  • free lifetime updates on the latest in health and fitness

Fat Loss Factor Review



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