5 Ways to Use Facebook to Maximize CPA Profits

There are a lot of people who wonder whether or not they can use Facebook to make money with CPA offers.  There are 5 commonly used ways that CPA marketers use Facebook to enhance the profits that they make with the offers they can promote.  Some of these methods are more common than others and you need to determine which of these methods you feel comfortable using.

Use Targeted Facebook Ads

The most commonly used method of promoting CPA offers and making money from Facebook with these offers is through targeted Facebook ads.  Facebook ads appear on every page on Facebook and can be narrowed down to the exact target group that you want.  However, this is a method that requires a certain amount of trial and error as well as capital for the testing.

When you have an offer that you want to promote you should look at Facebook ads because of the number of people who could potentially see the ad.  You need to choose between the image and text ads and try out a number of different ad types to find the one that converts the best.  Once you know which advert converts the best you will be able to use this one for you campaign.

Create Facebook Pages to Market Offers

Another way that you can use Facebook to market your CPA offers is to open a fan page.  You need to be careful when you do this because fan pages require time to be put in and you have to be careful that Facebook does not take the page down.  Many marketers do not consider the fan page because of the amount of work you need to put into it, but these pages are ideal if you want a repeat customer base for your offers.

The page that you open needs to target a niche and not be full of random CPA offers.  By creating a niche page you are drawing in targeted traffic which will lead to better conversions.  The content on your fan page needs to be up to date and you have to refresh it as often as possible. 

One of the reasons why this method of marketing is not used as much as the ads is due to the work you need to do for people to see your page.  If you are in a popular niche then there are going to be a lot of pages competing with you.  Getting people to like your page will be harder than getting people to see your ads, but this is a free method of traffic.

Use Facebook Groups to Connect with Users

The use of Facebook groups is considered to be time consuming and a bit hit and miss.  Using groups is similar to using a fan page, but many marketers feel that fewer Facebook users will connect with groups.  There is also the potential for other CPA and affiliate marketers to use your group to promote their offers. 

When you have a Facebook group you need to be in a niche and make it easy for people to join.  When you make the group easy to join you will have a wider base of people to market to.  You need to update your group regularly so that people do not leave it.

Post Links on Popular Facebook Pages and Groups

There are many marketers who use popular Facebook pages and groups to promote their offers.  If you are going to do this you need to ensure that the offers you promote are relevant to the page or group you are posting it on.  This is not the best route to take because you are hoping that someone sees the comment you post and will click on your offer.

Increasing Your Fan Base

A lot of CPA marketers look at Facebook as a means of increasing their fan base.  This means that they are not going to be actively promoting offers on Facebook, but rather using it as a traffic portal to bring visitors to their website.  If you are going to be doing this then you should look at Facebook fan pages as the best method of sending traffic.

There are a number of ways that you can use Facebook to maximize the profits you make with CPA offers.  The most commonly used method is to have highly targeted ads on Facebook that suit the demographics of the offer you are promoting.

5 Ways to Use Facebook to Maximize CPA Profits



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