5 Ways to Make Money from Private Label Rights

Kindle, affiliate marketing, blogging, social media, and product sales – they all share one important thing – they require you to provide content, and that product needs to be interesting and constantly changing if you want to build traffic and grow your business.

Private label rights provide a way for you to have all the content you want for a reasonable monthly fee as a member of a PLR site. This beats sitting and writing your own content, which is time consuming especially if you aren’t a writer, or hiring a ghostwriter, which can be costly to get a good writer.

Let’s look at 5 ways you can use your private label rights to make money.

#1 Printed Offline Newspaper

Yes you read that right! Believe it or not, there are still newspapers that have nothing to do with the web. An offline business owner can grow his/her local business by creating an offline newspaper from the PLR material.

#2 Offer a Bonus to Your Long-Term Customers
You want to keep your long-term customers so that you can continue to sell them back end products. This is a very lucrative part of your online business. So to keep them consider rewarding them every now and then. You could offer them a PLR article that has been rewritten very well and offers value to your customers. You could create a 7-page report by combining PLR content that offers your readers even more value and you can do this in less than an hour. That’s good use of your time.

#3 Create a Training Guide
Are you teaching your readers how to market online, how to train their dog, how to lose 30 pounds, and the list goes on. Find private label rights in your niche and then you can incorporate this material into a training guide that you can offer your readers. You don’t’ want to use this material as it is provided – you want to rewrite it and turn it into your voice and your idea but it will be much easier because the material is all there for you.

#4 Create a Tips Report

Now this is quick and easy – best of all your readers are going to love receiving the tips in your niche. You can easily gather the information from your PLR content. It will significantly reduce your research time. Those entrepreneurs that are really focused might create more than one report in different niches to sell different products.

#5 Be the Author of a Wiki Page
It’s time to become a Wiki author. Create your own Wiki page for whatever your niche is and then simply link your blog or website to your Wiki page, which is considered an authority site. This will really boost your placement in the search engines, which translates to more traffic and more sales.

5 Ways to Make Money from Private Label Rights



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