5 Ways to Get More From Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a powerful tool to increase your targeted traffic. Let’s look at 5 ways you can get more from your Facebook Ads and really up the rewards.

#1 Sponsored Stories
If you have an app and you are going to be advertising using Facebook ads, make sure you take advantage of Sponsored Stories on mobile. Getting these mobile clicks is important if you want them to download your app. E-commerce research shows that when a user downloads a retailers app they generally spend more with that retailer.

#2 Do Your Own Bidding
Make sure you do not let Facebook bid for you. It can look like that’s your only option when you are creating your ads, but that’s not so. In the small print you can select the ‘advance pricing model,’ which puts the control back in your hands letting you set your own CPM or CPC. Your credit card is on file with permission to placed charges on it. If you let Facebook do your bidding you could be in for a big shock!

#3 Engage in Thorough Testing
Test and then test some more. Test different ideas, different ways of targeting your market – test two different versions of an ad – test – test – test. When you are happy with the results you are achieving you can make that your final choice. Facebook provides you with tons of data that you can analyze to see how your ads are doing.

#4 Make Use of FBX
Facebook has recently added FBX, which is a new ad exchange. This is one of the biggest improvements to advertising to be seen in years. FBX for the most part operates like a traditional exchange that marketers are familiar with, bidding in real time, but FBX is upping the ante. If you are going to take advantage of FBX you will need to have your own data and be ready to work with one of the DSP vendors. The cost is going to make your way more efficient.

#5 Work Around FBX Shortcomings
The biggest complaint is that Facebook is not providing the data, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have highly targeted ads. You just need to learn the workarounds of FBX and you’ll be getting more out of your Facebook ads than ever before.

There you have it – 5 ways to get more from your Facebook ads. So what are you waiting for.

5 Ways to Get More From Your Facebook Ads



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