You Can Make Money On Tumblr

If you have overlooked the popularity of Tumblr, that’s okay, you are not alone. Tumblr actually gets more search volume than Pinterest or Wordpress, at least that’s according to Google. Let’s look at 5 steps to making money on Tumblr.

#1 Start by building a Tumblr blog for your Wordpress niche sites.

#2 Then look for some good content from other Tumblr blogs that you can re-blog. Post it on your Tumblr site! That’s one of the great things about Tumblr. On most sites like WordPress, having a site that is filled with the comments of other people is looked down upon and it makes it almost impossible to get traffic. However, on Tumblr people love that you re-blog their content. The more you re-blog the more traffic you are going to get. That’s what makes Tumblr so fantastic.

#3 Every day you will want to use the simple search functionality of Tumblr. Look for new people who are posting in your niche area and then follow them. Pick one of the posts and follow it. Like it, and leave a comment about it and then re-blog it. This will really get other people’s attention. They will see it as a compliment. More than half the time they are going to follow you back. From that point on they are going to see every single post that you make in their Tumblr feed.

#4 Each day you should then look for good content from those people that you are following. Because they show up right in your feed, it’s really easy. Then, like it, comment on it and re-blog it. Note very time will you do all three, but most times. This is going to promote others to visit your blog often.

#5 Thanks to a free plugin each time you post to your WordPress site it will automatically post that content onto your Tumblr blog too. That means everyone who is following you will see these posts as well. This will help to drive traffic to your site and to directly increase your sales, because your followers will see all of the product review posts with the associated affiliate links. Because of your likes, comments and re-blogs you build a good relationship with these people so they have a high degree of trust in you. That means they will frequently purchase the products that you recommend to them.

Tumblr is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your niche sites and it costs you nothing. Focus on niches that will work well in Tumblr. Use Google Analytics to see your traffic flow and make the most of that traffic.

Making money online has never been easier. Try Tumblr yourself!

You Can Make Money On Tumblr



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