Work as a Virtual Assistant and Earn Money Online

The demand for virtual assistance is certainly on the rise. People that work as a virtual assistant can actually make a full time income online using skills that they already possess. The earnings will depend on who you are working for. Some sites do nothing but connect virtual assistants with clients. The most common method is through a bidding process.

You find a job that interests you and then you bid on it. What you bid will depend on the duties that are required. You will often bid on an hourly rate, although some jobs are flat rated. The hourly rates can vary from ridiculously low such as $2/hour to average $10/hour to higher $20/hour so search around.

Virtual assistants do all kinds of tasks. They can do research, schedule appointments, answer calls, post to social media, create reports, make phone calls, do bookkeeping tasks, and the list goes on. Different virtual assistant positions require different skills and so you should look to find a posting that matches your skills and what you like to do.

We all know how to answer a telephone, but you might not want to do that all day long, so don’t apply for virtual assistant jobs where phone answering is part of your duties. You should also make sure you ask lots of questions up front so you really do understand what’s expected of you.

The number of hours you work each day will depend on the job. Some clients want a virtual assistant for a couple of hours a day, while others are looking for someone full time and of course there’s everything in between. Some clients want someone as their virtual assistant once a week where others need someone every day.

Virtual assistants are the online version of a being an administrative assistant, secretary, receptionist, etc. These are real office jobs that are carried out in a virtual environment. That means you never have to dress up and head to the office. You must admit that has a fair bit of appeal all in itself.

Not all virtual assistant jobs are created equal, so you need to make sure you have all the details. Avoid vague job posts that are not clear about what it is they really need from you. Have your contract clearly outline your duties so that there can be no disputes occur. If you like working in an office environment you’ll love being a virtual assistant.

Work as a Virtual Assistant and Earn Money Online



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