Why Having a DSLR is Like Having a Second Camera

When it comes to buying a digital camera there are a lot of things to take into consideration. After all, you have many options. The cheapest and easiest to use is the point and shoot digital camera. Professionals are not likely to be using these cameras. Then there are level entry DSLR cameras, which have a few more features than the point and shoot, but they are still relatively easy to use, and that is one of the reasons people are drawn to them. From there you can move from mid range to high end DSLR cameras, which is where most professionals are looking. Trying to decide what is right for you can be a bit daunting.

There is one perk to any DSLR and that is the fact that you are actually getting two cameras for the price of one. Yes, that’s right! You get your digital camera and you get a video camera. Right from the beginning, the three key manufacturers Nikon, Sony, and Canon included 1080 Full HD video functionality and some even have a stereo sound recording.

The professional photographers were not thrilled to see a video camera included in their high end cameras. After all, most of these photographers came are accustomed to the more traditional still photography. Initially only a handful of digital cameras had video but today just about every digital camera from entry level DSLR to the high end DSLR.

Professional photographers are also starting to recognize that there are certain benefits to having a video camera in their DSLR. They also know that the most successful photographers are going to offer a multi media mix that includes photography and video. The DSLR makes this easy. You can ramp up your business services without any additional costs.

You have not yet seen the best of what DSLRs have to offer in the video department. With extra features like Live View, basic editing options, autofocus during recording and even the ability to record still photos while you are shooting video becoming common place, the features are likely to continue to grow. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that many movies are now being shot using a high end DSLR camera.

So you can quickly see, why it might be beneficial to invest in a DSLR – it’s like getting a video camera for free – it really is like getting two cameras for the price of one.

Why Having a DSLR is Like Having a Second Camera



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