What Brand of Digital Camera is Best?

With so many digital cameras on the market, it is hard to know which brand of camera you should invest in. After all, who makes the best digital camera?

Sony, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Kodak... they all make digital cameras. If digital sales were the indicator of what was the best, Canon would be the winner, easily – at least according to Amazon. That just means someone has done a great job of advertising.

So how do you know the best brand of digital camera? It can be overwhelming trying to make that decision and everything you read says something different. Not to worry, because it’s really quite simple – you compare features and choose the digital camera that has the features you are looking for at the price point you want.

1. What kind of photography are you planning to use your digital camera for?
2. Make sure that the camera has the right lens for the type of photography you want to do. Point and shoot cameras usually don’t allow for lens changes to you need to get the right lens right away.
3. Look for the features that you are interested in such as built in flash or the ability to add an external flash. Of course, the features are endless, so be real about what it you will use and what you will never use, because you are going to be paying for those features.
4. Consider the camera weight and size – even point and shoots vary from very light to heavy. Size is very important too. If you want to pack it around in your pocket vs. carry in a case, you will need to choose smaller.
5. Look at warranties. You might be surprised to learn they do vary. Some manufacturers also offer extended warranties on their products. If you spend more than $500 this might want to consider purchasing an extended warranty.
6. Make sure it is in your price point. There are many different price points’ in point and shoot digital cameras and the price doesn’t always reflect the quality of the camera or the features it has to offer.

It’s easy to compare cameras online. By doing so you can see which cameras offer the features you want for the price you want to pay. It’s a convenient way to compare products and match you with the right camera for your needs. 

What Brand of Digital Camera is Best?



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