Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Page

Are you struggling to grow the fanbase on your Facebook page? Creating a page is one thing, but unless you’re a celebrity or a really well-known brand, it can take you some time and effort to have a substantial number of fans. Despite this, there are a few simple things you can do to increase your Facebook page fans really fast.

How to grow your Facebook page

1. Add photos & videos

This can help you show off your products, services ,brand and so on. Facebook’s photo & video upload function is really easy to use .If you’ve just created a page, consider adding introduction photos and videos of yourself.

2. Use the “Like" tool on your website/blog

Adding the "like" button or box can make it easy for other people to find your Facebook page & "like" it from your own website or blog. Make sure you place it where it’s clearly visible (preferably at the top)

3. Be consistent

Another tip on how to grow your page is to show consistency in posting and interacting.This does not necessarily mean that you stay logged on the whole day, but your fans do need to know you’re there. Simply come up with a schedule and remain consistent.

4. Monitor your page

Even when you’re not logged on , it’s imperative that you are aware of what is happening on your page and respond appropriately (for example delete spam or respond to feedback.) The best way to do this is via email notifications .

5. Promote your page on other social media sites

If you have accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn or other major sites, be sure to share links to your Facebook page. That way, your curious followers on the other sites can find & connect with you.

6. Participate in other pages

Search for other pages similar to your own (people in the same niche) and add comments or like their posts regularly but reasonably. If you’re consistently the first to post a comment, you’re likely to get good results.

7. Organize contests

Every once in a while, have your fans compete to win something. It can be a discount coupon, a sample of your newest product, or just something simple. No one hates free things so you can expect more and more people to like your page.

8. Advertise on Facebook

One of the best ways to advertise your page on the network is to utilize a Sponsored like Story. It will help advertise the page to the friends of your existing fans who, over time, might join your community.

9. Ask questions

Apart from posting information about your offerings, you can ask your fans simple questions like fill in the blanks/true or false questions. Give them a quick and easy way to participate.

10. Write a blog post about your page

If you have a blog, consider blogging about your Facebook page. Try to show people why they should like your page and offer incentives like free download for anyone who likes the page.

Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Page



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