The Adonis Golden Ratio Review

Product Description:
The very name of this program conjures up images of bronzed, muscular bodies like the actors in the movie 300. This product is actually a very interesting and unique one.

It’s an online bestseller and has sold thousands of copies. That in itself shows that it’s a pretty successful product… but what differentiates it from all the other run of the mill bodybuilding guide (yes this is a program to get a fantastic body)?

The answer to this lies in the fact that while most bodybuilding and fitness guides teach you how to pack on slabs of muscle and get as big as you can, The Adonis Golden Ratio is all about proportion.

The author, John Barban, has truly understood what people find attractive. Most women and men prefer looking at a moderately muscular body. The kind that fitness models have. Actors such as Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and many more do their best to get their bodies to look like this.

They are not interested in developing the freaky huge muscles that the roided up participants on most bodybuilding competitions have. Women are actually a little afraid of these over-muscled apes.

What women want is a lean, proportionately-muscled man. That’s exactly what The Adonis Ratio is all about.

The Good Points:
1)    As mentioned earlier, the author is right on the mark. Anytime you hear women talk about muscles on a man, you’ll hear them mention the abs or the arms. It’s always these 2 muscles. You’ll never hear a woman say, “Oh wow! He has the best latissimus dorsi muscles I’ve ever seen!”… Nope it’s not happening, unless she is into body building. Abs and arms, period. The Adonis Ratio Program has an entire module dedicated to the arms and abs. Genius.

2)    The program is specifically tailored to suit you based on your body proportions. Everybody is different. The Adonis Ratio will show you exactly what proportions you will need to aim for. At least now you will have a target and it’s not about building as much muscle as you can

3)    There is actually a community forum for customers to mingle and support each other. This is priceless because sometimes when you are feeling down, you will have peer support to motivate you and even share tips with you. You’re not alone.
4)    It’s an online download so you get immediate access to the product. No shipping to worry about.

The Bad Points:
1)    You will have to put in effort. Building muscles take time and there is a certain amount of dedication required from you.

2)    Some parts of the program are a little vague. You can find the answers in the forum. All the tips you need are there. You’ll just need to spend a few minutes looking.

3)    It’s an online product. You will need a computer and internet connection.

Should You Get It?
Definitely. The Adonis Ratio gets two thumbs up for its unique and extremely efficient nature. You are taught exactly what you need to do. Not more and not less.

You do not need a personal trainer. With 78 instructional videos, you really don’t need anybody but yourself to get a body that will turn heads.

If you have always wanted a body that will give you confidence and you didn’t have a roadmap to get you there, the Adonis Golden Ratio has your name written all over it. Get it.


The Adonis Golden Ratio Review



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