How You Can Use Tumblr to Increase Your Site Traffic

Tumblr is a powerful tool to incorporate into your social networking strategy. Ironically, this powerful little tool has managed to keep a relatively low profile, so many don’t know what they are missing out on because they have never heard of Tumblr. Not only can you use Tumblr to generate revenue you can also use Tumblr to help increase your site traffic. It’s simple! Let’s have a look at five ways you can do that.

#1 Start by Keeping it Simple
When you start using Tumblr, you’ll notice that there are many different visual themes that you can choose from. Some are free and some you have to pay for. Whichever you pick does not matter, but what does matter is to make sure that the theme you choose is clean. Many themes have tons of boxes on the page or so many colors that it’s overwhelming. This makes them hard to read and follow. Instead, choose a simple theme where your posts remain streamlined. This will help to keep your reader engaged and it will encourage them to visit your site.

#2 Explore Page
Get your friends, family and fans to recommend you to Tumblr admin. If you have an excellent blog that gets attention, you could find a place on the Tumblr explore page. If you are able to have this opportunity you will instantly see your traffic significantly increase both in page views and new visitors. You can gain thousands of new fans and really see an increase in your traffic volume from outside the site.

#3 Re-blogging
Tumblr’s re-blogging is a huge advantage. When you follow other Tumblr blogs, their posts stream into your newsfeed, which gives you the opportunity to ‘re-blog’ a post to all of the followers you have. This is key for any blog that is seeking to gain some traction. You can actually share your post with thousands of people even when your blog has little more than a handful of its own followers. You need to try to get your followers to re-blog your posts often.

#4 Direct Your User to Twitter & Facebook
On your Tumblr site, be certain that you are clearly displaying links to your Twitter and Facebook feeds. There is nothing that is as important on Tumblr as your social media since the ability to re-blog is built into the site. Tumblr will let your fans follow you on a number of different media sources. Make use of the community that’s right there to broaden your market.

How You Can Use Tumblr to Increase Your Site Traffic



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