How to Make Money

Everybody, who tries, isn’t going to get rich doing affiliate marketing. There is just too much competition for that to happen. Affiliate marketing isn’t an easy money tree that is going to just drop bundles of cash into your lap with no effort on your part required.  You will find the affiliate opportunities that work the best only by finding them yourself, either through testing and research or networking and business development.

Free traffic is not completely over but it is fading fast. You can work hard to create pages that score high in the search engines and build sweat equity into a site but by paying for clicks and focusing on Google and Overture you will have the top three positions on all search engines that really count on the Internet.
You need to be on top of if you want to generate traffic from Yahoo. Overture and especially Google are the best key drivers of qualified traffic on the Internet. Pay-per-click search engines let you quickly test different affiliate offers and new landing pages on your site. You can stay away from top competitive keywords for $1 to $2 per click. Niche marketing on Overture and Google works.
Instead of just sending traffic away and hoping for the best, you should have your own email list to which you can send multiple offers. Sending offers to your own email list is the true way to build freedom and residual income. You can do this by:
•    Using subscription forms on your web site.
•    Using co-registrations or co-op marketing campaigns.
•    Buying email lists.
Effective affiliate marketing involves paying for traffic in one shape or another. To accelerate your income, you need to invest wisely in advertising and get the most mileage out of every one of them.

How to Make Money



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