How To Join A Facebook Group

There are several ways you can join a group.

The first is to do it from the search page. When you search for a group, you'll be able to view a list of choices. On the right hand side of the listing, you'll see two options: "View Group" and "Join Group".

If you already know you want to join, click "join group" and follow the instructions. If you want to see if the group is right for you, click "view group to get more details.

Another way you can join a group is by accepting an invite. Sometimes, you'll get notice that you're invited to be part of it. For example, if a friend starts a group, they may invite you to join.

Or, if someone views your profile and thinks you would be the perfect member of the group, they might also send you an invite. You can either accept or deny this invitation.

Another way to do it is to view the groups that your friends are part of to see if you want to join. Then, you can click "join this group" which is located on the upper right-hand corner of the information page and follow the instructions.


Keep in mind that if you decide you want to build your business, groups are an excellent tool to do that. This is because they help foster a sense of community. The more people are engaged in the community you've created on your profile, the better your product or service will sell.

Keep in mind that in order for the group to be effective, it needs to be valuable and meaningful to people. For example, if you wrote an ebook on how to make a six figure income as a freelance writer, you may want to create a group on how to be a successful writer. Your group can participate by sharing ideas for how to make money as a writer.

In order to make your group a success, you not only need to find a subject that directly relates to the product or service you are selling, but you need to find people to participate in the group. Here are some ideas:

"    Browse through profiles and send a friendly note inviting people to participate.

"    If your group already has several members who participate in it, ask them to tell their friends about it.

"    You may want to offer things like free ebook downloads or discounts to the group members. This help builds a sense of community and tells them that you have their best interests in mind. This will help encourage people to recommend your group to others.

"    Promote your group outside of Facebook. For example, if you are selling an information product about internet marketing, you can go to a forum that you participate in that is related to the subject and invite them to take part in the group.

Simply starting the group is not enough. People won't necessarily be able to find the group since there are so many of them. You'll need to go out of your way to get group members, at least at first.  Once there are members who are happy with what you have to offer, your membership will start to increase.

How To Join A Facebook Group



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