Facebook Ads Marketing 101

If Facebook was a country, it would rival China and India in terms of population. Aside from a wide audience, this particular social media has the ability to target down to the desired age, sex, location, education, interest and even relationship status. This, therefore, makes Facebook marketing more powerful than the traditional marketing. But not everyone understands the basics. Here's are some tips to help you ace Facebook Ads Marketing 101 and run a successful campaign:

Set Advertising Goals

When setting your goals for a particular ad or campaign, stick to one primary objective. Users are on Facebook for social reasons, so keep your message to a single call-to-action. Advertisers might be tempted to take a shotgun approach considering that its a sticky site, meaning users come back to it again and again. Don't - make your campaign simple, fast and suited to the social nature of Facebook.

Pay Attention to Your Landing Page

The beauty of Facebook advertising is its ability to interact with the users. One can become a fan, confirm attendance to a business event, install application and all these will appear in your friends' news feed. Users usually scroll down their page, and so, if you want to capture their attention, you have to make a good first impression with your ad link. Known as the landing page, all engagement will start and if successful will lead to conversion. As a best practice, its better to link to an internal Facebook page rather than an external web site.

Write an Attractive Ad Message

Facebook is all about making connections so your advertising copy should maintain that spirit. Use a friendly and conversational tone in your headline and body. Be direct, straightforward, and honest with your objective. Facebook is about building trust, and your ad must reflect this.

Target Your Audience

While Facebook makes it easy to target your audience, this is not automatic. Your message itself has to be limited to the group you wish to reach. Get to know your target audience - their likes, background, relationship status and where they live. Then reach out only to your target demographic.

Set Your Budget

Once you have your ad and identified your target audience, you need to set your budget. Facebook uses a bidding structure for its advertising. Find which one suits your wallet and then close the deal.

These are just the basics of Facebook Ads Marketing 101. Using social media is slowly replacing traditional marketing, and Facebook is leading the pack. If you want to keep in step with the digital age, take the time to know this new way of marketing so that you can market your products and services successfully.


Facebook Ads Marketing 101



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