Accepting Affiliate Payments

The main problem merchants have with affiliate marketer payments is that they have to initiate payments manually based on a commission report that would typically be generated by their own e-store software. If affiliate payments run into hundreds or thousands, this process can get very tedious.

Fortunately, Paypal has come up with a solution to the merchant’s problem. It is called Mass Pay. Simply put, Mass Pay is a solution from PayPal that helps automate affiliate payments. Instead of having to manually enter the affiliate amounts into the payment system; their e-store software generates a Mass Pay file that contains the details of the payments to be made. 

This is a boon to affiliate marketers and greatly reduces the problems associated with accepting payments from merchants. Paypal is the generally accepted way to receive payments from merchants that you have an affiliate marketing agreements with.

Paypal makes receiving payments from individuals easier, as well. Having a Paypal button on your website is a real boon to you. It makes it simple and easy for customers to pay for their purchases and is so well known that people feel very secure using it.

Paypal allows you to set up a business account. It is a very simple process. The only thing you are required to do is provide information that allows Paypal to verify who you are and that your bank accounts are valid. Proof of a valid credit card is also a requirement. When you have a Paypal business account you can accept credit card payments, as well.

You can purchase software that will integrate with Paypal to help track your affiliate marketing sales and know what your commission is easily and quickly. There are several such software products on the market. You can easily find them by using your favorite search engine.

Accepting Affiliate Payments



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