7 Social Media Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Social media marketing has made it more obvious than ever that customer engagement is the key to success. It has emerged as a powerful promotional tool for businesses to interact with their audience. Yet, there are businesses that hesitate to adopt it because of myths associated with it. Social networking is more than just a pastime that involves random tweeting on Twitter or commenting on blogs and posting Facebook status updates.

Here's a look at some of the most popular 7 Social Media Facts You Probably Didn't Know

1. Unless you are on every social media network, you can't succeed
This alone puts off most marketers because the time investment is significant. Spreading one thin over a number of sites without specific goals and action can indeed be a waste of resources. Rather than the number of networks, it is more about how the business leverages and uses a particular network to get results. It is best to focus on one network at a time, get established and then proceed to the next.

2. It can substitute direct marketing
The fact is, while social media is certainly popular, it can never replace direct marketing. Online networking is convenient but human interaction is always preferred.

3. If you use social media you don't need a website
Businesses are aware that websites are a necessary component of their online presence. No matter how many social networks one belongs to, publishing to a website or at least a blog is mandatory and there is a solid reason why. Content is the acknowledged King that drives search traffic. It is important for SEO in Belfast. Even if you have profiles on many networks, the ultimate aim is to motivate people to visit your website where there is unique content. A website is a branding tool where you can control your content, display and sell your products and services. You own your website and complement it with your social media presence in Northern Ireland, so that you can reach your prospective customers.

4. ROI cannot be measured
In business, it is important to monitor and measure the return on investment for every activity in order to be profitable. Social media ROI can be measured using analytics tools through which visitors and their actions can be tracked. This helps the marketer decide what to focus on and which links are most active.

5. It is too time-consuming
Social marketing can be achieved by just dedicating a few minutes a day and using social media dashboards to plan and schedule posts. It is about the effective use of various tools to use it to advantage and it takes discipline.

6. It is not suitable for our business
Any business that intends to succeed, build its brand, attract new customers and make its SEO work needs social media in Northern Ireland.

7. My customers don't use it
It is False. Customers, new and old are on social networks. It is where people connect. It is not enough to create one profile page and hope people will rush in.

Not everyone can succeed at social networking. It takes research, active participation, dedicated effort and a commitment to consistent efforts based on a strong strategy. Smart businesses outsource the process to Belfast SEO experts who understand and help them achieve their goals.

7 Social Media Facts You Probably Didn't Know



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