4 Digital Camera Features You Should Understand

Digital cameras have many different features and functions that you can choose from. In fact, there are so many that it can all become a bit overwhelming when you are trying to choose a digital camera. Let’s look at four digital camera features that you should understand when you are in the market for a camera.

Audio and Video Modes
If you are going to be shooting many videos and you are serious about videos, you are should not rely on a digital camera to perform to such a high level. Instead, opt to buy a dedicated video camera. Even the best video on a digital camera is no competition for a video camera. However, if you just want to be able to shoot a little video every now and then with your focus on taking pictures, and you like the idea of carrying one device, there are plenty of digital cameras that are prepared to accommodate you. If you want the best motion-picture power a digital camera can offer, look for one that captures video and audio. You should also look for extended video, which limits your video shoot only to the size of your media device.

White Balance
We hear a lot about white balance but if you don’t really understand it, you aren’t alone. White balance allows your camera to calculate the right color balance for the shot you are about to take. All digital cameras come with this feature. Some models let you choose from a number of preset white balances that have been calibrated for specific lighting, such as incandescent, cloudy, fluorescent, or sunny. This is a very handy feature that takes a lot of guess work out of your shot and offers you the best shot every time. If you like to play, then you might look for a digital camera with manual white-balance controls.

Scene Modes
Many of today’s digital cameras offer scene modes, a handy feature that optimizes your camera settings for a specific scene such as twilight, portrait, pan-focus, landscape, etc. Scene modes affect the focus settings, exposure, and more. It’s a feature that’s worth looking for.

Exposure Mode
All digital cameras have an automatic exposure mode – we call it point and shoot. But some cameras offer you the ability to manually set your exposure. Now for some of us we never want to do anything other than let the camera decide, but for many others they would like the ability to play with their shutter speed, F-stops, aperture, etc. If that describes you, look for a camera with a manual override.

There you have it – four digital camera features you should consider when buying a camera. Set your budget, decide what features you must have, decide what features you’d like to have, and then start shopping.

4 Digital Camera Features You Should Understand



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