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How do you make people want something? Really want it, without any persuasion or a list of benefits?
I’m sure you have experienced the same as me when trying to build a list from your blog traffic:
Only a few of your site visitors subscribe to your list.
I’m sure you also know that if you don’t have a list, you don’t have a business. To make money you MUST build a list of subscribers so you can follow up on them by email.
Obviously, you can’t force your site visitors to subscribe by twisting their arms or pointing a gun at them. But what if there was another way? What if you could make it so irresistible for them to sign up for your list that they actually want to do it?
The key is nothing new. It is a well-known psychological fact: What we can’t have, we desire more. And it’s just as valid for information as it is for romantic relationships.
The Strongest Motivator You Can (Legally) Use!
Now, what if you could take advantage of that characteristic of human nature in your marketing?
What if you could use people’s curiosity to drive them to sign up for your list? And get a backlink to your website at the same time?
Here is how you do it: Show them that there is some interesting content that they can’t read until they subscribe!
You may already have seen this tactic in use on some blogs or article sites: There is some freely available content, but the most important sections are hidden until you sign up for their list. Some even charge for the access.
Maybe you have subscribed to some of those lists yourself? I know I have.
Now there is an easy way for you to put the same tactic to use on your blog:
Just imagine how much faster your list will grow when your site visitors can’t resist signing up so they can get access to your best content!
FB Membership Site Manager gives your WordPress site the functionality you need to achieve that. It is a plugin and a Facebook application that work together. The plugin is installed on your blog site and the application files on your server. All configuration is done through the plugin settings.
The Facebook application posts a message to a new subscriber’s Facebook profile. That gives you a backlink to your blog from each subscriber, which improves your page rank.
Here is how it works:
  • Use the plugin to lock posts for non-subscribers
  • When someone chooses to subscribe, your Aweber Optin Form is displayed
  • After they subscribe, the Facebook application auto posts to their profile, adding a backlink to your blog
  • Your new subscribers are added to an ordinary autoresponder list. They will receive all emails you send to that list, both scheduled sequences and broadcasts.
  • The software automatically checks website visitors against your list. Active subscribers will not be asked to subscribe again.
  • Hidden content makes more people stay longer on your website than they otherwise would. The longer site visitors stay, the more it helps improve your page rank.
This is a Turbo brand software, and that means a couple of things:
  • It is a useful product
  • You can start using it immediately after installation
  • The price is fair
Creating software like this yourself would cost you several hundred dollars – maybe more, depending on the coder you use.
Remember, FB Membership Site Manager gives you two major benefits:
  • More signups to your list
  • Higher page rank through backlinks and website popularity
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FB Membership Site Manager



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