Winning A Great Guy Without Being Model Beautiful

So much stock is put on physical appearances these days that if a woman isn’t super model material she may not have a chance against the women that do look hotter than hot. This may be true in places such as Los Angeles, California or New York City, but in “ordinary” places, women of all look types have a great chance of landing a great looking guy. Believe it or not, ALL men don’t have to have a gorgeous woman on their arm. There are some that appreciate other qualities in women whether they’re beautiful or not. 

One quality to use is radiance. As long as the area you’re in is a safe one, you can use eye contact, open body contact and keep a slight smile on your face. Behaving in an open and friendly manner will have men responding to you like you’ve never imagined. They like feeling attractive and interesting, too. If you seem to find them that way, men will be even more drawn to you. 

In spite of what you may have heard, men like women that are warm and confident. Don’t worry about whether he likes you or not. Instead, if you’re attracted to someone, plan a few dates with him to see how you feel about him. If he’s potential boyfriend material, you’ll realize it once you’ve had a few dates with him. Keep in mind that you don’t have to know whether or not he might be Mr. Right just to go on a simple date with him. Actually, going out with several men is the best way to figure out which man will make the perfect partner for you. Lots of women have even said that the man they eventually fell in love with wasn’t someone they were attracted to at first. 

Now, just because you may not look like a super model, you can still have a great sense of style. Decide what message you want your clothes to send to men. Do you want to be seen as classy, sexy or feminine? Or maybe even all three at once? Once a man is attracted to you, he’s going to be picturing the way the two of you look together. For instance, a gorgeous swimsuit model would make him see a hot and sexy woman that’s a part of his fantasies. However, he may not want an emotional relationship with someone like that. Now, if you boast a classy and feminine style; that tells men that you’re girlfriend material. 

Having great style doesn’t mean you’ve got to be wearing the most current fashions. It simply means that you should wear something that’s flattering, occasion appropriate, and looks well assembled. Many women have their own independent sense of style that makes them even more appealing. 

The bottom line is that you should never let women that are younger with great bodies intimidate you. Just be warm, playful and willing to connect. You’ll be amazed at the kinds of men you can attract.


Winning A Great Guy Without Being Model Beautiful



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