Where To Spend The Holidays

A long standing argument between many couples is the one that comes up every time there’s a special holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is the debate about where the couple will be spending the holidays. It can get to be a pretty serious holiday spoiler if both partners have living relatives that they’re close to. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare every year, though. 

For couples with their parents living in the same city or town, it’s not THAT big of an issue.  You simply split up your day or, in the case of Christmas, two days. Christmas Eve can be spent at the home of one set of parents and Christmas Day can be spent at the other set’s home. The next year you can reverse it. Another way to handle this is to split up the day by spending the morning at one house and the evening at the other house. When you work things out with everyone ahead of time, this is usually a great way to handle it. 

If you’ve got one set of parents living in one location and the other set living in another one, that can be a little more difficult. In this event, you’ll need to probably spend Thanksgiving in one place and Christmas with the other parents. Then you can reverse things the next year. 

Of course, one way to deal with this issue may be to simply host the holidays at YOUR home. In that way, everyone can be happy because all of you will be together in the same place for the holidays. Now, there can be a few things that will throw a monkey wrench into things. Maybe the in-laws don’t get along with each other or with you. One of the parents may not be healthy enough to travel and that can be a problem. That would mean that you and your partner would have to travel to them at least once during the year. 

The main thing is that you and your partner can work out something that will amenable to everyone. People don’t always work together, though. For instance, your partner’s mother may not like you and will refuse to give in gracefully as to sharing the holidays. There’s not a lot you can do in that situation other than let your partner handle her. Hopefully, he’ll have both of your best interests at heart when he does so.

There may be instances where you and your partner will need to spend the holidays apart in order to spend them with parents and other family members. It’s not the ideal situation since couples should be able to spend the holidays together whether their parents are a part of the celebration or not. The thing to remember is that this is something that everyone must cooperate on or people end up being upset and angry. Sadly, sharing and cooperation are things that even parents need to be taught. If this is part of your situation, don’t hesitate to explain the word “fairness.”  It can be your Christmas gift to them.

Where To Spend The Holidays



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