Stop Facebook Stalking Your Ex

With the introduction of such social websites as Facebook and MySpace, it’s become way too easy to keep up with the activities of other people. Granted, a lot of the members know all about how to keep things private and just between themselves and other members. On the other hand, there’s a significant number of people that have no concept of how to keep their pages private, which leaves them open to having anyone that wants to look at what’s going on in their lives. It’s because of this that it’s become so easy for people to stalk their exes and keep up with what they’re doing and who they’re dating. 

If you’re someone that’s been Facebook stalking your ex, you need to stop doing that right now. It’s one of the unhealthiest activities that you can engage in. All you’re doing is making yourself even more miserable than you were when the breakup first happened. What good does it really do you to know that he’s dating that girl that you always thought was a slut and you knew was hitting on him while the two of you were together? Does that validate you in some way? 

Think about how sad of a person this makes you. Every time you sit down at your computer, you immediately head to Facebook so that you can read his updates and check out his friends list to see if anyone new has been added. You don’t care about current events in the world or even what’s going on in the lives of your best friends and family. Instead, you live for the moment when you can, once again, be on Facebook and monitoring in detail what your ex has been up to. 

To begin with, stalking him this way isn’t going to bring him back to you. Knowing who he’s with now also isn’t going to do any positive things for your state of mind. What it does do is make you kind of a scary person, and a good candidate for a restraining order if he ever finds out what you’re doing. 

Instead of spending your waking hours stalking your ex in this way, why not do something healthier for yourself. The first thing would be to stay off of your computer until you’re positive that you can resist camping out on your ex’s Facebook page. If needed, get a trusted friend to baby sit your computer so that you can be strong. 

Next, get out of the house! Don’t sit home sulking and moping over what your ex may or may not be doing right that very second. Instead, go out with some friends to one of your favorite places. If you’re not ready to date, that’s fine. You don’t have to. Just make it a girls’ night out. The point is that you won’t be at home lurking about on your ex’s Facebook page but rather out and having a good time like a normal person. 

Never assume that Facebook stalking your ex is normal behavior. It’s obsessive and something that you need to move past in order to improve your quality of life.

Stop Facebook Stalking Your Ex



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