Should I Tell Him His Flys Open On A First Date

Everyone has those embarrassing moments in life. You simply can’t get around it. You know, like those times when your date’s fly is open and you’re not sure if you should say anything or not. This one can actually be a bit tricky when you think about it. Say it’s your first date with this guy. Do you really want to tell him something quite as personal as this when you don’t even know him all that well? Will he appreciate it if you do say something? Is it right for you to let him go around everywhere that evening on your date with his fly open? 

One of the things that you should go by when trying to resolve this dilemma is what sort of guy you’re dating. If he’s laid back and has a great sense of humor, you’re probably going to be fine in telling him that his fly is open. In fact, you’ll both probably have a great laugh about it. On the other hand, if the guy’s a bit shy or something, you probably want to find a different way to let him know that he needs to zip up his fly. However, no matter what you do, he’s probably going to die of embarrassment and you may never see him again. 

Another one of those first date embarrassing moments is when your date has something huge and green caught between his front teeth. Do you say something or do you just let it go and hope he notices it on his own, eventually? Again, this is going to depend on the guy’s personality. Consider if it was you in that situation. Would you want to be told by a new date? Proceed accordingly when you think about it. 

Then, there’s that perfectly natural, yet perfectly humiliating event of passing gas. Men typically don’t mind doing this in front of anyone, even new women that they’re dating. In fact, some of them will even call attention to it just in case you missed it and make raucous jokes about it. Obviously, these men aren’t going to mind if you discreetly cover your nose and mouth with your hand or napkin. Suppose you’re dating a man that’s rather self-conscious about things and he erupts loudly during dinner. Do you just keep talking and pretend that you didn’t hear the minor volcanic explosion? Do you giggle a little and make some cute remark, whatever that might be?  This one is where you should simply follow his lead as there’s really no graceful way to get around it. 

Yes, first dates can be very exciting and fun. They can also present some rather comical and embarrassing situations. You just have to figure out what you’re going to do if any of these happen to turn up on your first date with this guy. In the end, if you have doubts as to how to handle it, go along with the way the guy wants to deal with it. That seems to be the best answer.

Should I Tell Him His Flys Open On A First Date



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