Googling That New Man

Meeting men in such ways as online and through dating services has brought about a unique aspect of dating that your grandparents and maybe even your parents would have never heard of back in their dating days. This aspect is that of investigating the new man that you’re thinking of going out with. However, this has become a very accepted action when new people first make contact and think they may want to take it a bit further, especially when the person is a total stranger and you don’t know anything about him. 

Now, due to the introduction of the internet, there are many ways to check out someone and find out nearly everything about them. You can subscribe to services that will give you access to all sorts of personal information about people. This can be very helpful if you’re trying to make sure that someone is safe enough to be let into your life. You certainly don’t want a criminal knowing where you live.
Another way to find out interesting things about someone you’re thinking of dating is through a Google Search. The information you find in this way might be somewhat different than what you would be getting from those subscription services. You’ll find such things as Facebook or MySpace profiles that can tell you a lot about a person, unless they’ve got their privacy settings so strict that you can only see their name. 

A good example of this is a television commercial about a phone service where they use a speed dating setting. There’s this guy that thinks he’s a real player that sits down in front of a savvy young lady that has her cell phone out and plugged into the internet. He starts out saying how he’s looking for the whole package as in a wife and kids. However, she sees from his online profile that he had, only minutes before, updated to say he was never getting married. She asks him about that and he says that it was before he had met her. The problem is that she had already seen that this was his favorite pick up line. Obviously, the guy isn’t going to get anywhere with this woman. She Googled him and found out what he was really all about, thus keeping herself from wasting even those few speed dating minutes. 

A Google Search will put you on the road to things that are important, but wouldn’t be included in a normal investigative report. Google will send you to posts or comments made by the man you’re checking out. These are, often, very important to know. Just like the lady in the commercial, you’re avoiding a waste of time if the guy in question happens to be a player, and you wouldn’t know about that until it’s too late. 

The easiest way to Google someone is to put in various names that he’s known by as well as any email addresses that you may know. Then, you can hit images and see what you turn up there. It’s not difficult and it’s free. This may be the best thing you could do for yourself in the world of dating.

Googling That New Man



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