Dating Mistakes Men Make

Dating can, and should be, a lot of fun, and most of the time things go pretty well on a date. However, there are a few mistakes that men just can’t seem to help making when entering the dating game. Following are some of the more important ones that you’re going to want to avoid: 

Making negative first impressions: You may think there’s nothing you can do about this but you couldn’t be more wrong. The main rule of thumb here is to be yourself. Dress nicely and behave respectfully to her, of course, but don’t pretend to be something you’re not. That doesn’t give off naturalness and she’ll know you’re trying to fool her. 

Don’t go too fast: If you’re using a first date with someone as a way to have sex, you’ll most likely be sorely disappointed. Any meaningful relationship isn’t going to be built on one date and instant sex. Not only that, if you push too hard, she’ll never want to see you again. 

Leave the past in the past: If the girl you’re on a date with spent a significant amount of time talking to you about her past relationships while on a date with YOU, you’d probably be pretty unhappy about it. You also most likely wouldn’t want to see her again. Keep that in mind if you’re tempted to bore her to death with tales of your past horrible exes. 

Stay sober: This is particularly true on your first date. You simply don’t need to be drinking too much while on a date. It won’t go over so well if you throw up on her shoes, pass out, or get pulled over for drunk driving. 

Focus on your date: When you’re out with a woman, it’s highly recommended that you focus only on her instead of gawking at the Amazon blonde with the Playboy Centerfold body that just entered the room. Chances are you’ll be spending the rest of the date alone. 

Don’t make assumptions about her likes and dislikes: This means that you let her order her own food at the restaurant unless she asks you to do it. Find out what sort of music she likes rather than getting concert tickets that YOU like and she hates. You get the picture. 

Avoid sarcasm: While most women appreciate a good sense of humor, they really don’t like sarcasm. Dry humor is also considered funny but making these sarcastic comments constantly throughout the date, you’ll find that she’s going to stop laughing at some point and that’s when you’re done. 

It’s rude to keep your phone on during the date: If you’re expecting a phone call that’s so important that you need to keep your phone on during your date, then you need to reschedule your date. Nothing is ruder than answering your phone in the middle of a date. 

Insecurity: Women prefer confident men; not those that are terrified that women won’t like them. It’s just too icky. 

Don’t be possessive or controlling: Women hate being controlled and they don’t like possessive men, either. If you start telling her what she can and cannot do, she’ll most likely tell you goodbye. 

Avoid these severe dating stumbling blocks and you’ll have hope for greater dates.

Dating Mistakes Men Make



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